Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Day 3 - Tuesday

Kurt here:

Another great day at Anurag, Some highlights were when me, Bryce and Garrett had chai with Jacob while the woman had time alone with Prem. Chai is always a great pause each   morning and afternoon.  Then we split off and Bryce, Garrett and Hannah spent time in the classrooms. They connect so well with these kids who love to have their attention. Our team said they were amazed at the education level in which they were learning.

The Lyrek's were able to present  provisions that they purchased for their sponsor child's family. This family just had their 5th child and has found it difficult to provide basic nutrition for their children.

We spent most of the rest of the day taking updated photos of each of the several hundred sponsored kids. It was an awesome experience to see the face of each of these beautiful kids. When I wasn't taking photos, I took the opportunity to silently pray for each child.

Later in the afternoon we took off for Agra (about a 4 hour ride). Before leaving we circled in prayer with Prem and Jacob.  We prayed for our safety on the ride and specific health needs. Prayer is a way of life throughout the day at Anurag. We then headed out for our trek to the Taj Mahal.

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  1. Praying that the Lord continues to use you in special ways. So awesome what you are doing.