Monday, February 5, 2018

Day 2 -Monday

Our first day at Anurag was a huge success! We started off the morning by receiving a tour of the facility by Prem. We were able to see the children practice on sewing machines, and Kurt, Bryce, and Garrett were even measured for their own garments! We saw the computer lab with the desktops/computers donated from PCC from the previous trip. Being able to be in the room with the lists of sponsored children from the specific families of PCC was a touching moment.

A highlight of the day was being able to visit of homes of various sponsor students. It was awesome to see how proud the families were of their students, and how the students took pride in their studies.

For lunch, Prem took the time to have traditional, homemade India food cooked for us. It was delicious, and everyone had to loosen up their belts. Later in the afternoon, Garrett and Bryce bonded with the school boys by playing basketball on the rooftop court while the girls sang Christian songs and played with Hannah, Gloria, and Chris.

The evening was wrapped up with Bryce getting the best haircut of his life at and Indian barbershop recommended by Jacob. And oh, it costed about $2 including the tip.

We are all very excited for the rest of the trip and for what God has in store for us. We aren’t sure what’s coming next, but we know to trust in Him.

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