Thursday, February 15, 2018

Our last few days in India were spent in Gurgaon at a Campus Crusade for Christ retreat center. 
We spent Friday morning visiting classrooms of the younger students and attending a short ceremony for the staff, in which our team thanked and gave  them a gift. From ANURAG we followed 2 buses filled with 120 teenagers on a crazy drive that should have taken an hour, but instead took 3 hours due to the difficulty of finding the place. This is pretty typical since there are very few street signs. Our drivers tend to find places by driving in the general direction and periodically stopping to ask people, on the street, for help.   
We finally arrived and got settled into the guest house. This was the challenging part of the trip for all of us. We were taken a back by the accommodations, especially the bathrooms. But, we were aware that they were nicer then what most of the kids have. We got a little heat going with electric heaters and found some blankets to keep us warm. The showers were but a trickle and were either very hot or ice cold. It seems we are all very spoiled and we’re reminded to be grateful for the comfortable life we enjoy. 
Saturday morning began with worship. The students are very enthusiastic and enjoy singing and dancing in the back and in the isles. They have hand motions and movements for all the songs. They invited us to join them and loved it that we jumped in on the fun. After a serious time in prayer, the morning was turned over to us. We each shared our story and some encouragement about the power of prayer, which was the theme of the weekend. It was meaningful to listen as each one shared a different perspective and lesson that God had taught them about trusting and following Him. 
(Prem was really pleased with what we shared and used Our points for her wrap-up talk on Sunday.)
After lunch, and in the evening, we did activities with the kids, ranging from 4-square, volleyball, and some form of dodgeball, to Jewlery making and play-doh Pictionary. 
On Sunday, after worship and teaching, 14 students came forward to confess their sins and need for a savior. Our team joined them at the front and prayed over them as the wept. It was the highlight of our trip to see God move in this way. 
Another hightlight for me was that one of the kids we sponsor, Rohan, was now old enough to attend the teen camp. We were able to visit with him and ask him about his faith. He received Christ last year!
We also encouraged him to work hard in his studies. He is the only boy in a family of 7. His family will need him to help earn money to support all of them. 
He gave me a big hug before getting on the bus, which made my day. He has gotten so tall and handsome. Prem tells us that he’s a good boy!
The trip was a huge blessing for us and those at ANURAG. GOD IS GOOD!

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